Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is in the CieAura Chip?

2. What goes in the body?

3. How does the CieAura Chip work if nothing enters the body?

4. What should I feel when wearing the CieAura Chip?

5. How long should I wear the CieAura Chips?

6. How often should I wear the CieAura Chips?

7. How long does each chip last and how many chips are in a one month’s supply?

8. The literature says not to carry them in your pocket – why?

9. How do I know that my chips were not already activated by EMF during shipment and are now inactive?

10. I was told that if they were near a magnet they would deactivate, is that true?

11. What happens in the winter when the chips are mailed to a very cold place? Or in the summer when they are sent where it is extremely hot? Are the Chips compromised?

12. Has the CieAura Chip been clinically tested?

13. Can I wear different types of chips at the same time?

14. Do doctors recommend the CieAura Chips?

15. Where do I place the chips for fibromyalgia or ADHD?

16. Are CieAura chips ok to use on pets?

17. Are there any negative side effects?

18. Do I need to take the Pure Energy Plus chips off at night?

19. Do I need to take any of the chips off when I take a shower?

20. Can I wear more than one Pure Relief chip on a painful area?

21. If I wear more than one Pure Energy Plus chip will I have even more energy?

22. Can I wear more than one Rest Quiet chip at bed time?

23. What if a chip doesn’t seem to work on me?

24. How do you know where to put the chips?

25. Can you give me more details on the science behind the CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips?

26. Why use a Hologram/ What is a Hologram?

27. What if I got a “bad batch” of chips?

28. Sometimes I give the Chips to someone and they don’t seem to work on them… why not and what do I tell them?

29. What do you mean by proper hydration?

30. Is it OK to allow the chips to go through the x-Ray machine at the airport?

31. Can someone who wears a pacemaker use CieAura Holographic Chips?

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